December 23, 2010

Wool Fold Skirt & Apple Green Blouse

Lately many women have consulted me about color matching and color combination's. I found out how much women are afraid of color combination's and how deep they are captured by the conception of black and more black. So this post is dedicated to color.
I don’t want to tell you in a simplified and superficial way which color combination's work and give you a list of colors that match. All colors have various shades and tones that affect the combination between any two colors. The type and texture of the fabric are also very important for a successful combination. One thing I can say – be daring, don’t be afraid of color. Take the item you want to match, for instance a skirt to which you want to match a blouse, place the two fabrics together for an initial matching and then try the two items on together, preferably with the final shoes you will be wearing. Take your time, think it through and consult with others.
Try to stay away from black – I am sure you have many black items in your wardrobe. Different tones of brown, grey, blue and cream are excellent softer basic colors, to which you can match any color. These colors are the ideal basics for any woman. It’s important to learn how to use the base colors and match various colors to them. Fashion is fun, you just need to be daring and try new things. For instance, I match green, blue, ocher, eggplant or cream with brown. Grey works with everything, and the difference between grey and black is the softness – with grey you don’t get that salient contrast.
You can work with the same idea when matching pantyhose (but please not tights). I have a large stock of pantyhose in various tones and thicknesses. You can find pantyhose with an intermediate thickness, which are almost see-through and will suit anyone. I’m also not a fan of pantyhose with no feet – I think the cut above the ankle creates an illusion of a shorter leg and is not flattering. Pantyhose shape the leg nicely, and add color and interest. A small tip – you can find pantyhose made of a delicate net, in beautiful tones of brown, cream and grey. Keep one of each color in your closet and you’re set. I especially added close-ups of these pantyhose in brown to this post.
In my blog I present various color combination's that can set an example for you. I would be happy to receive questions through email. Please don’t hesitate to write to me and I will happily help and advise you.
In this post I present the ‘Fold’ skirt in a thin soft woolen brown fabric, with a gentle Pepita pattern. The skirt’s shape is straight; it extends above the knee and has three folds in even distances in the front. To this skirt, I matched a cotton 'apple green' blouse. I love the combination of brown and green. The blouse has a gently pointed collar, and the sleeve – just above the wrist – is fastened with a thin rubber strip.
You are all welcome to visit my point of sale in the Designer’s Avenue at Dizingof Center, on Thursdays and Fridays. You can also purchase my models at my online shop; you can find a direct link at the top of the blog page. See you!

Model Blouse: Apple Green
Model Skirt: Wool Fold

December 8, 2010

Brown Blazer

The Israeli winter does not allow us to wear many layers and thick coats, and I am always in search for a solution that will create a wintery warm look, that is still light and not bulky. A jacket is the ideal solution in my opinion; it’s light on the one hand, but embracing and warm on the other.
I designed a blazer-style jacket. The collar is wide and classic, the shape is close-fitting and flattering, and two front pockets give it a light chic look. I used a thick cotton fabric with a small dot texture; the same fabric I used for the ‘Pocket’ skirt. It’s a soft cozy fabric that creates a warm wintery look. The inner lining is golden cream-shaded Satin, nicely contrasting the dark brown color of the jacket.
I gave great importance to the buttons. I looked for the perfect solution for my blazer in many haberdasheries. Buttons give the final and decisive touch in every jacket. I found retro style buttons, combining two shades, brown and cream. I loved their graphic shape and their size on the jacket.
I placed three buttons on the front of the jacket and three more on each sleeve.
I love matching this blazer with a buttoned blouse or a light sweater. I took the pictures with this model on Rothschild Ave. with the ‘Sherlock’ skirt I wrote about in a previous post. In my next post I will present at length the green blouse with a new fold skirt.

I would love to see you all on Thursdays and Fridays at Dizingoff Center, in the designers’ avenue, where I present my winter collection along with items left from the summer collection.

Model Jacket: Brown Blazer