August 23, 2011

Ocean Glam Dress

How many times have you told yourself, “I have a million items in my closet, but I never only wear a few of them.” Many women say that. I believe in an accurate fine handful of items; that’s what should be in your closet. You don’t need much. You should choose cloths in a cautious way, and not impulsively. Cloths should be made of fine fabrics and sewn excellently.

You should consider the right match for you physique and personality. Thoroughly check what your wardrobe holds and give away cloths that don’t suit you. See what you really need for working hours and what fits your leisure time. Add colors missing from your wardrobe or colors than can compliment your selection. You don’t need plenty, you need accuracy.

In this post I present the ‘Glam’ dress in a new color – dark smoky blue. Smoky colors aren’t flashy and they fit the bright summer sunlight. This is a tailored, sleeveless, knee-length dress, with oval mushroom buttons, especially colored in a matching blue shade. The dress is well-sewed from an airy cupro viscose fabric, with a silky look and a smooth feel. To match the dress, I designed a mustard-colored suede-leather belt with a metal buckle, to be custom-fitted without holes.

Model Dress: Ocean Glam Dress

August 3, 2011

Chocolate Cocktail Dress

The heat is almost unbearable in August, but you have to keep working as usual. You need a light yet meticulous dress, with clean and precise lines. This dress is suitable for work, travel, or an evening out on a hazy summer night.
I present you the chocolate brown Cocktail dress. The dress is made of crepe de chine, with a straight cut. A v-shaped neckline combined with a cream-colored fabric in the front, and a hidden zipper in the back. The dress is loose, yet it fits and complements the female body.

Model Dress: Chocolate Cocktail