May 23, 2013

Mosquito T-Shirt

It took me a long time to design the first T-shirt for my brand. Casual items require precision: the design should be very comfortable and simple; the fabric soft and of excellent quality; and the colors interesting but not trendy. My inspiration for designing the ‘Mosquito’ T-shirt was the world of tennis. Instead of a sport’s company logo, I added an embroidered mosquito. I fell in love with the shape and the idea of a bug on a T-shirt.
The T-shirt is made of cream cotton percale combined with thin red cotton knit. The T-shirt has a V neck opening, matching sleeve and waist ribbing, and a black embroidered mosquito. The T-shirt is also available in beige and navy blue (the fabric colors are shown in the sketch above).

May 13, 2013

Light Blue Safari Dress

Summer is nearing, and on hot days you want to look good, but also light and comfortable. When I design a tailored dress suitable both for work and warm afternoons, the most crucial element is the fabric. I was looking for a thin high-quality cotton fabric, that wasn’t see-through. Although cotton fabric tends to wrinkle more than synthetic fabrics, when the temperature rises its comfort and feel on the body are worth it.
I found the right fabric in the immortal summer shade – light blue; a retro-color, that fits all skin tones. In the previous post I presented the same dress made of red satin-cotton fabric, but the different fabric gives the dress a twist and a completely fresh look. I recommend matching the dress with white or yellow sandals and minimal jewelry, for a cool summer look.

May 1, 2013

Red Safari Dress

A red dress!
Color makes all the difference. I rest my case.
For an evening out or at the office... don't be ordinary.
(The dress also comes in orange, sky blue and navy blue)