April 28, 2011

Eyes Blouse & Stone Tulip Skirt

Sure, you can wear tailored clothing and still be chic and comfortable. It’s all about the fabric and the shape. Natural smooth fabrics and a well-built, flattering shape create an effortless tailored, feminine and comfortable look.
The tailored look is fitting for work and can easily be worn throughout the entire day; a minor addition of jewelry, a different purse and a pair of high heel shoes, and you are ready for a night out.

In this post I’m hosting my beloved sister, Daniela Schiller. Daniela is a successful neuroscientist, living in New York. She wears 'Schiller' on the streets of Manhattan too.
Each of us is wearing an ‘Eyes’ chiffon blouse, with a V-shaped collar and a washed chiffon bottom layer, and a stone shaded ‘Tulip’ skirt made of mixed silk, knee-high, with a straight shape, a high waist, clean round lines and a seamless glued hem.
Model Blouse: Eyes
Model Skirt: Stone Tulip

April 13, 2011

Peacock Chiffon Blouse & Avion Shape Skirt

In our streets
there’s special magic
it only bothers you
if you are alone;
when you are alone
everything seems big
the stars above
don’t want to fall

Normal people
quietly go to sleep
cats moan
and children can’t sleep;
in our streets
everything has emptied
it only bothers you
if you are old

In our streets | Mashina | Lyrics: Yuval Banai

The chiffon blouse 'Peacock' is composed of two layers. The outer layer features various geometric shapes and different shades of blue, yellow, camel and cream. The bottom layer is washed chiffon, for a soft, snug and somewhat opaque blouse. The blouse can be worn over a skirt or tucked-in.

The ‘Avion Shape’ skirt is 100% grey-light blue shaded cotton with a straight shape and a high waistline. Belt loops are placed a little below the waist, and two front pockets with a diagonal opening and a hidden back zipper create a clean look. In the bottom part, on both sides, I added deep slits for a feminine look and a comfortable walk.

Model Blouse: Peacock
Model Skirt: Avion Shape