July 30, 2010

Mix Dress

I create and manufacture in Tel -Aviv and almost everything is a walk away from home. The fabrics, the haberdashery in 'Nachalat Binyamin' and all the professionals… everything is so close. When I get my pictures taken around the city, I feel comfortably at home.
The ‘Mix’ model is based on the first model that appeared in the blog – ‘Café Café’. I wanted to combine two opposites: Negative-Positive, Top-Bottom.

In the past few months I learned an important lesson – if you don’t try you’ll never know. I can draw sketches, imagine and fantasize, but only after buying the fabric and creating a model I know if I have succeeded. Only this way I can see if the fabric really suits the model. I wear the item a few times and inspect it from every possible angle, how it ‘sits’ on the body and whether it is flattering. I found two fabrics that are a perfect negative of one another; I was ratified. When I enter a fabric store I’m like a little girl in a candy shop, everything seems so new and exciting. I chose a soft summery cotton fabric, with a gentle slightly-retro pattern.

I decide to take the photographs in 'Neve Tzedek', one of the most charming places in Tel Aviv. On the day of shooting I looked for colorful spots and for places that give the feeling of a neighborhood. I love contrasts – old and new, bare and hidden. It’s fun to tour the city on foot and discover it anew each time.
Model Dress: Mix


July 25, 2010

Green Pleat Skirt & Mingling Blouse

For a long time I’ve wanted a pleated skirt. When I finally decided to make myself one, I was in the middle of a sewing course at Shenkar. Finding a professional to perfectly carry out the pleat folds and gentle sewing was not an easy task. There are many types of folds – vertical folds, sun-shaped folds, and so on. Pleat is usually used for dancer skirts and bride dresses. I wanted a tailored but fun skirt, in an unusual color. Finally I decided on a 1.2cm reclining fold. The distance between the folds just seemed to work perfectly.
This green chiffon looked interesting, noticeable and surprising in my eyes. Chiffon's come in many fabulous colors. I have a catalogue of over 90 shades – dark, light, smoked and pastel.

The ‘Mingling’ blouse is made of silk and viscose, and combines two colors. It’s tailored but still light and every-day. It has a “V” neckline, very feminine and loose. The buttoning is hidden and the blouse can be worn over a skirt or with pants. The skirt touches the body but is not tight-fitting, and the blouse’s sleeves have small creases above the cuffs.

Model Skirt: Pleat
Model Blouse: Mingling


July 18, 2010

Polka Dot Dress

I love nuances, the small details, the differences between two fabric shades, various pattern size and shape, textures, and the like. Some believe that the big picture is what matters, but I’m one that goes into the details – sometimes even too deeply. Many designers work on similar subjects and similar ideas, but what distinguishes one work from the other is the nuances.

The third model I present here in the blog is a dress with a spotted print, or what the professionals call ‘Polka Dot’. When I chose the fabric for this model, I looked for the “right dots” and a perfect match between the two colors of the fabric. There were many options – large or medium dots, in a wide variety of inter spaces. The green fabric I chose has small and very gentle brown polka dots, which create an interesting and unusual polka dot texture (In the photos you can barely see the polka dots, but in the sketch above you can find a small sample of the fabric that clearly shows them). The second fabric I used is Brown and has dots in a different size; the print is more graphic and noticeable. I love the combination between green and brown, but as I said – it’s all in the nuances.

The dress shape is clean and classic, and works well on the female body. The round neckline is stressed by a diagonal stripe cut from the brown fabric; a little volume in the sleeve is created by small creases and a gentle hem in the sleeves’ end. The waist is emphasized by the dark colored fabric and the delicate approximation to the body. And finally, the back… which is also very important in my opinion; I chose to place small mushroom buttons along the back-line.

Model Dress: Polka Dot


July 11, 2010

Cocktail Dress

Very few of my clothes are black. I am aware of the great love for Coco Channel's “little black dress”, but I will always prefer blue, gray, green, and many other lively colors, that ‘light’ dark skin tones and blend perfectly with lighter skin tones.

littleCocktail’ dress design was inspired by the dusk, that sweet time between the tiring day and the quiet pleasurable evening. It’s a time for a nice walk in the city’s streets, a visit to the neighborhood coffee shop or even an intimate cocktail party on one of the city’s desirable roofs.
It took me a while to choose the right shape for this model. I knew I wanted a clean-shaped dress, that extended down to the knee, and that the fabric should give it the perfect impact. I already chose the fabric – light grey Crepe De Chine with uneven white zigzag stripes.
I love knee high dresses, they can be a little above the knee or a little below it… but that’s the idea. This length is very elegant, flattering and will fit anyone.
I also designed a belt for this model.

I made this ‘Cocktail’ model from another fabric – silk with gentle tassels and see-through stripes. I added a grey lining and the result is before you.
The fabric is soft and smooth, the result is elegant but not too binding; you don’t need much to be chic. This dress can also go with a belt or without a belt – for a straight shape on the body. A coquettish purse, a fine pair of shoes, a jewel, and you are all set.

Model Dress: Cocktail + Belt


July 4, 2010

Café Café Dress

First post, first design, I’m so excited…
But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Yael Schiller. I studied Visual Communication and for many years worked as an album cover and album packaging designer. I guess you could say I have breathed shape and color ever since I can remember. In the past two years my career has taken on a change, and today I design cloths. During this period I have learned and gained experience, and in this blog I will present the fruit of my designs - each week a new design.

Designing and manufacturing each design involves much work. The process of designing, looking for the right materials and manufacturing a top quality item, requires a lot of time, energy and dedication. In this blog I want to share with you a part of my work process, from sketch to final product.

The first design is called 'Café Café'. My inspiration for this design came from the material itself. I bought viscose fabric with a degrade pattern and my mind immediately started working. According to the direction of the fabric, the color change in the dress should have been sideways and not long wise, as in my design. I chose to cut across the fabric, then flip one of the pieces and reattach the fabric back together. A thin fine rubber strap sews the upper part and the bottom part of the dress together.
I designed a belt to conceal the rubber strap and emphasize the waist.
The belt also makes use of the fabric’s color change.

Model Dress: Café Café