July 30, 2010

Mix Dress

I create and manufacture in Tel -Aviv and almost everything is a walk away from home. The fabrics, the haberdashery in 'Nachalat Binyamin' and all the professionals… everything is so close. When I get my pictures taken around the city, I feel comfortably at home.
The ‘Mix’ model is based on the first model that appeared in the blog – ‘Café Café’. I wanted to combine two opposites: Negative-Positive, Top-Bottom.

In the past few months I learned an important lesson – if you don’t try you’ll never know. I can draw sketches, imagine and fantasize, but only after buying the fabric and creating a model I know if I have succeeded. Only this way I can see if the fabric really suits the model. I wear the item a few times and inspect it from every possible angle, how it ‘sits’ on the body and whether it is flattering. I found two fabrics that are a perfect negative of one another; I was ratified. When I enter a fabric store I’m like a little girl in a candy shop, everything seems so new and exciting. I chose a soft summery cotton fabric, with a gentle slightly-retro pattern.

I decide to take the photographs in 'Neve Tzedek', one of the most charming places in Tel Aviv. On the day of shooting I looked for colorful spots and for places that give the feeling of a neighborhood. I love contrasts – old and new, bare and hidden. It’s fun to tour the city on foot and discover it anew each time.
Model Dress: Mix


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