December 14, 2011

Steel Grey Blouse & Black Boucle Skirt

The blouse presented in the photos was previously presented in dots pattern on dark blue Background. and here it is made of steel grey chiffon with white dots scattered unevenly. The blouse has a V shaped collar and both the front and back have smooth washed chiffon lining for softness and opacity. The sleeves are see-through, and are slightly puffy with a thin rubber strip at the end.
The ‘Boucle’ skirt design has a straight shape with two front pockets. To highlight the pockets I added a thin tattered stripe from the fabric’s end, creating a thread texture. Boucle is a type of tweed, a woolen cloth of various mixtures, but a very ‘extreme’ one, made from wool thread woven in rounded loops, creating a rich texture.

December 1, 2011

Mustard Blazer & Baby Corduroy Skirt

The Tel Aviv Fashion Week is in my eyes a symbol of sanity. Beyond my personal interest in fashion, I was happy to see a large scale event aspiring to resemble the world’s capitols. To me, fashion is a daily celebration. Choosing what to wear and matching items give me pleasure and entail the joy of creation. Fashion should be celebrated on the street, not in fancy events and on catwalks. Fashion is lived every day.

I designed a classic blazer made of mixed silk and wool, in a shade of mustard with a delicate brown pattern. Three greenish-mustard buttons on the front and three smaller matching buttons on each sleeve. The blazer has a high quality satin lining. It’s flattering, and light but warm.
The skirt model is ‘Shape’ which I presented in the past. This time I made it suitable for winter, out of bottle-green Baby Corduroy. The fabric is called “baby” because the corduroy stripes are thin and gentle. The skirt is knee-high, with two front pockets and a slit on each side for a feminine look and comfortable walk. Like all the skirts I design, this skirt has an inner lining. The lining maintains the skirt’s shape while you wear it and even after a long sitting.

November 15, 2011

Bubbles Blouse & Brown X Slim Pants

It has been almost a year since I started selling my designs in the designer’s avenue at Dizengoff Center. Coming out of the studio and the online store has given me a great lesson in sales and a deep understanding of who my customers are. In the direct encounter I can see the items on women of various sizes and proportions. With each one there is an interesting dialogue about what fits her and what she desires. I learn from you each and every time. I love to see how women slowly open themselves to new designs and colors they don’t have in their wardrobe. During the sale I advise and give tips about how to match and about complementary accessories. It is important for me to see that the item is flattering and will not sit in the back of the closet, unused. 

This time I present the ‘Slim X’ pants in a third and last color, earth brown. The pants have a slim and very flattering shape. I enjoy them on a daily basis and I recommend that you try. They are made of soft high-quality Cupro, their shape is clean and accurate and creates a sophisticated chic look. I matched the pants with a Chiffon blouse with a new bubbles pattern in shades of green, brown and cream. The blouse is soft and practical thanks to the front lining that creates opacity and has a nice feel on the body. The blouse has a V shape neckline with a diagonal matching olive shaded strip. The blouse is comfortable, flattering and can be worn both in nice autumn days and with a jacket in winter.

November 2, 2011

SnowWhite Blouse & Mustard Tulip Skirt

I like to make the most of my cloths. A clean-lined shape, quality fabrics and maximum comfort allow me to enjoy an item for a long time. When I design a model with all these traits I like to make it in various fabrics and colors. The blouse presented in the photos was previously presented in a black and white stars pattern, and here it is made of dark blue chiffon with white dots scattered unevenly. The blouse has a V shaped collar and both the front and back have smooth washed chiffon lining for softness and opacity. The sleeves are see-through, and are slightly puffy with a thin rubber strip at the end.

The ‘Tulip’ skirt which I have already presented in various colors is made here in a shade of mustard. This is a very contemporary shade and I like it since it mixes well with many combinations. The skirt is made of mixed silk; the shape is straight with a high waist and a wraparound design in the front. The skirt is knee-high, and has a hidden zipper and a small cleft.

October 10, 2011

Flamingo Blouse & Blue X Slim Pants

The magic of a buttoned blouse is in its nonchalant elegance and comfort. It makes me feel effortlessly well-dressed. There are some elements that make a blouse a wonderful one, one that you will enjoy for a long time – the type of fabric, the pattern and the shape. I designed a buttoned blouse made of soft and silky crepe fabric with a blue flamingo pattern. The collar is lapel-less, and I added a blue diagonal strip along the buttoning to create an open and upright effect to the collar. The strip gives the buttoning some weight, and when the top button is open the collar stays upright and gives the blouse a feminine look. The buttoning enjoys a gentle accent.

These pants were first presented in the last post, and this time I present them in navy blue. The pants have a high-waist and a skinny shape, and they are made of cupro. The combination of a white blouse with an interesting pattern and flattering pants creates a casual everyday look with a touch of elegance.

September 25, 2011

All Star Blouse & Grey X Slim Pants

I believe you should dress well, everyday. Put in some effort and thought not just for a night out or a special occasion. Wear a flattering pair of pants or a nice skirt with a matching blouse. Choose comfortable high-quality shoes and jewelry to complement your look. I guarantee that you will feel good about yourself. Clothes do not make the man, but they sure elevate self confidence and mood.

This time I present new designs for the upcoming fall. I designed skinny pants made of mouse gray, soft, high-quality cupro viscose. The pants wrap the body in a flattering way, and not too tightly; they have a high waist with front and back pockets and X-shaped belt loops.
The chiffon blouse has a white stars print on a black background. The front and back have smooth washed chiffon lining. The blouse has a V-shaped collar, with a black diagonal strip, and puffy see-through sleeves for a soft feminine look.

August 23, 2011

Ocean Glam Dress

How many times have you told yourself, “I have a million items in my closet, but I never only wear a few of them.” Many women say that. I believe in an accurate fine handful of items; that’s what should be in your closet. You don’t need much. You should choose cloths in a cautious way, and not impulsively. Cloths should be made of fine fabrics and sewn excellently.

You should consider the right match for you physique and personality. Thoroughly check what your wardrobe holds and give away cloths that don’t suit you. See what you really need for working hours and what fits your leisure time. Add colors missing from your wardrobe or colors than can compliment your selection. You don’t need plenty, you need accuracy.

In this post I present the ‘Glam’ dress in a new color – dark smoky blue. Smoky colors aren’t flashy and they fit the bright summer sunlight. This is a tailored, sleeveless, knee-length dress, with oval mushroom buttons, especially colored in a matching blue shade. The dress is well-sewed from an airy cupro viscose fabric, with a silky look and a smooth feel. To match the dress, I designed a mustard-colored suede-leather belt with a metal buckle, to be custom-fitted without holes.

Model Dress: Ocean Glam Dress

August 3, 2011

Chocolate Cocktail Dress

The heat is almost unbearable in August, but you have to keep working as usual. You need a light yet meticulous dress, with clean and precise lines. This dress is suitable for work, travel, or an evening out on a hazy summer night.
I present you the chocolate brown Cocktail dress. The dress is made of crepe de chine, with a straight cut. A v-shaped neckline combined with a cream-colored fabric in the front, and a hidden zipper in the back. The dress is loose, yet it fits and complements the female body.

Model Dress: Chocolate Cocktail