December 14, 2011

Steel Grey Blouse & Black Boucle Skirt

The blouse presented in the photos was previously presented in dots pattern on dark blue Background. and here it is made of steel grey chiffon with white dots scattered unevenly. The blouse has a V shaped collar and both the front and back have smooth washed chiffon lining for softness and opacity. The sleeves are see-through, and are slightly puffy with a thin rubber strip at the end.
The ‘Boucle’ skirt design has a straight shape with two front pockets. To highlight the pockets I added a thin tattered stripe from the fabric’s end, creating a thread texture. Boucle is a type of tweed, a woolen cloth of various mixtures, but a very ‘extreme’ one, made from wool thread woven in rounded loops, creating a rich texture.

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