August 20, 2010

B&W Polka Dot Dress

Each model I design undergoes my strict examination. After drawing many sketches, looking for fabric and finding the right one, I prepare a model in my own measures, wear it for a while and carefully consider whether to manufacture the item in various sizes or give it up and shelve the idea.
The green ‘Polka Dot’ design that I presented here about a month ago went through many phases, but after having decided to manufacture it and post it in the blog, the success was grand. Out of six dresses I made, only two were left.

I decided to make the same model from another fabric. It’s the end of summer and the holidays are near, so I chose a white fabric with small black polka dots. For the belt and the sleeve cuffs I matched a ‘negative’ fabric – black with white polka dots. I never compromise comfort, so the fabric is mostly cotton with a small amount of Lycra, and so the dress caresses the body but is not tight-fitting. And of course, the small details – in the back of the dress I chose to place black mushroom shaped leg buttons.

 Model Dress: B&W Polka Dot


August 8, 2010

Grey Pleat Skirt & Blue Mingling

I don’t like to embalm myself in a tight ‘skinny’, and in the summer I only rarely wear anything except for airy skirts and dresses. When I decide what to wear, it usually depends on my mood. Dark, light, colorful or monochrome, I make up my mind according to how I feel before going out. A beautiful flattering outfit lifts up the mood, and it’s important to match the item to your body structure and not give in to passing trends that often suit only few. Spreading trends is mostly meant to serve various marketing bodies, and a woman should learn how to filter the information load coming from seductive magazines.
In this post I present another version of the ‘Mingling’ blouse and the ‘Pleat’ skirt. The basic design is the same, but the new colors and texture in the blouse create a completely different look.
I looked for a fabric that fitted a nice casual summer blouse. I found a cotton fabric with a gentle flower pattern and small salient white dots. A deep blue hidden buttoning and a sleeve cuff of the same color give the blouse its sporty look. I added thin piping tapes in the front part of the blouse just under the shoulder, and in the back of the blouse. These elements create a sporty and chicky look.

For the Pleat skirt I chose this time deep grey chiffon, a neutral color that will go with any blouse. Actually, dark grey is my black. I added a thin white belt and white sandals. In the previous post I mentioned that you can order a skirt in any color out of the variety in my catalogue. So here’s a photo of a part of the catalogue, just to give you a general impression.

Model Skirt: Pleat 
Model Blouse: Mingling