August 20, 2010

B&W Polka Dot Dress

Each model I design undergoes my strict examination. After drawing many sketches, looking for fabric and finding the right one, I prepare a model in my own measures, wear it for a while and carefully consider whether to manufacture the item in various sizes or give it up and shelve the idea.
The green ‘Polka Dot’ design that I presented here about a month ago went through many phases, but after having decided to manufacture it and post it in the blog, the success was grand. Out of six dresses I made, only two were left.

I decided to make the same model from another fabric. It’s the end of summer and the holidays are near, so I chose a white fabric with small black polka dots. For the belt and the sleeve cuffs I matched a ‘negative’ fabric – black with white polka dots. I never compromise comfort, so the fabric is mostly cotton with a small amount of Lycra, and so the dress caresses the body but is not tight-fitting. And of course, the small details – in the back of the dress I chose to place black mushroom shaped leg buttons.

 Model Dress: B&W Polka Dot


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