December 12, 2012

Bordo Dress & Cement Raincoat

In the Israeli winter you need stylish items that don't require wearing many layers. A tailored blouse or a light sweater with a blazer or a long sleeved dress and pantyhose can be the perfect solution for the air conditioned spaces we usually hang out in. With the right coat protecting you when you are outside, you can stay fashionable and prepared for any weather
I designed a tailored dress with a coat shape. The dress is made of thick cotton fabric and has a buttoning from top to bottom, external pockets and a matching belt. I recommend wearing it with pantyhose and ballet flats or high heel shoes with laces. The dress also comes in: steel gray, navy blue, and orange-red.
On top of the dress I'm wearing an A-shaped raincoat with a sixty's look, with red buttons and a printed satin lining. The fabric is imported from Japan, and it's made of nylon and cotton. The raincoat has a removable cap with a patent zipper, fast and easy to remove (also sold in red)

November 26, 2012

Smart Casual Look By Schiller

When I want to create a casual comfortable look for autumn days, I match a buttoned blouse and blazer with a pair of flattering jeans. In the Israeli winter this is my regular uniform on workdays outside the shop, when I look for fabric suppliers, haberdasheries and sewing workshops. The possible combinations are endless! A green blouse with a brown blazer, a blue blouse with a mustard blazer, etc.

This time I present to you a “red-headed” blazer, called ‘Ginger’. A classic successful model continuing from last year’s winter, with minor improvements and new fabrics. The fabric is mixed cotton, in shades of brown and ginger. Underneath the blazer I am wearing a sand-toned viscose buttoned blouse. The collar is made of dark brown cotton with a gentle flower pattern and a matching removable lace. You can transform a casual look to a more formal one with a tailored skirt or tailored trousers. Change your shoes and match a different purse – and you have an entirely different look.

November 7, 2012

Ruby Raincoat

My main challenge with the 'Rubi' raincoat was the long manufacture process. I was looking for a high-quality, practical, water-repellent fabric. Since very little coats are made in Israel it was very difficult to find the right fabric. By chance, I met a guy who imports fabrics from Japan, and he had a beautiful high-quality fabric made of nylon and cotton. Once I found the fabric, I started making sketches to prepare the design.

I wanted to design a raincoat with a removable cap, so that women who prefer it without the cap could remove it without affecting the design. I had to make three designs before I managed to get the collar to complement the shoulders and conceal the patent zipper underneath. The outcome is perfect, and it was worth the effort. The A-shaped coat has very clean lines, and it is knee-high. It comes in two colors: red and grey. Both have a high-quality grey satin lining with a red Japanese style pattern.

October 24, 2012

Burgundy Blouse & Tweed Skirt

One of the most desirable fabrics in the winter time is tweed, a fabric with a wonderful texture and a unique vintage look. About two hundred years ago, tweed was considered a top-quality fabric for making durable warm coats. The nobility loved the crude rough fabric and many coat models were made at the time, varying in texture. Many years later, Coco Chanel used tweed in the suits she designed, giving a seal to the more accessible day-to-day use of this fabric.

I designed a straight tweed skirt with front pockets and a front cleft. The skirt comes in a variety of plaid tweed fabrics in shades of pink, red, purple, gray, green and blue, interwoven with black. I attached samples of the various colors to the sketch in this post. 

The ‘Burgundy’ blouse is made of high-quality purplish-Bordeaux silk. The blouse has a Chinese collar and a hidden buttoning. The sleeve cuffs are designed to be folded or lifted below the elbow in the upcoming autumn days.

October 3, 2012

Aqua Blouse & Oxford Skirt

Autumn is here and in my shop you can find some harbingers of winter. How exciting! This is a great season, where you can wear long but light clothes, a minute before putting on all those layers to keep warm.

I want to share with you my outlook on the basic items every woman needs in her wardrobe. High quality basic that you can endlessly mix and match.

Let’s start with buttoned blouses: You need at least three, in basic shades such as – blue, grey, and cream. Plain blouses can be a great basis, but it’s better to add fabrics with an interesting print for a clever and fresh look. Other great colors are: light brown, bordeaux, green, and mustard. Skirts: You need at least three skirts that may vary in shape according to your personal preferences and your figure. I love narrow skirts which aren’t too tight, preferably without Lycra. Basic colors: camel, dark blue, and grey. Most cotton fabrics will be good all year round, and winter skirts made of tweed and boucle can be an interesting variation on cold days. You don’t need black. Blue, brown and grey are easily matched. Other great colors for skirts are: bottle green, mustard, and eggplant.
Pants: As with the skirts, choose shapes that flatter your figure. If you have three pairs in navy blue, dark brown and grey, you’re good to go. I promise you that with these basic items, you will never feel you have nothing to wear. You will always feel good about yourself and enjoy a wide variety of possible combinations.  

In this post I present a buttoned blouse made of viscose fabric gently washed in a shade of Aqua. The wash gives the blouse an uneven interesting look. The collar is made of cotton fabric with graphic shapes printed in green and mustard. I added a matching tying ribbon for a feminine and clever look (removable). The blouse is also sold in sand and blue shades. The ‘Oxford’ deep blue skirt has a high waist with a thick flattering belt. The skirt has two front pockets; it’s knee-high and has a hidden zipper in the back. For a light look I added natural colored net pantyhose and camel shoes.

August 2, 2012

Cube Dress

This post is in celebration of my blog’s second birthday! I have put a lot of emotional and creative work into the blog, and the satisfaction is great. It all started from designing items and wishing to present them to the broad public in a refreshing way using an online platform. A photographic production of seasonal collections with a model does not fit my work style. The blog is a wonderful form of expression for me and a convenient way for you to get to know my style and its background. In the past six months, since I opened my boutique shop, I feel I’ve gotten to know you all better. You’ve surprised me with excellent combinations of items and a mature sense of style.

In this post I present the ‘Cube’ dress. The design is identical to the ‘Leaves’ dress model I presented in the previous post. The dress is made of printed Crepe satin, and has a black satin fabric V-neck. The dress can be worn loose or with a thin leather tie-on belt I designed with Maya Shalev.

July 11, 2012

Leaves Dress

It’s great to pass these hot summer days with comfort and elegance. When I think of comfort, there are a number of parameters I find important. Not too revealing, not too tight, not too short. When an outfit has all these features, I enjoy it and wear it for a very long time.

I designed a light comfortable dress made of thin smooth Crepe fabric with white leaves printed on a brown background. The knee-high dress doesn’t cling to the body; it has a delicate bat sleeve and a V-shaped neckline made of a mixed brown fabric. Together with Maya Shalev, I designed a leather belt without a buckle, designed to be freely tied around the waist. The belt gives the total look its chic.

July 2, 2012

Dark Maxi Skirt & Hearts Blouse

Lately I have been wearing mostly Maxi skirts. I realized they are comfortable, liberating and create a rich feminine look. In previous posts I presented the Maxi skirt in polka-dotted everyday fabrics. This time I present the Maxi skirt made of a rich dark brown silk fabric. The length of the skirt, its front fold and the fabulous fabric give the Maxi skirt a presence suitable for the evening hours.

To match this skirt I designed a sleeveless silk blouse, with a round neckline, and six evenly-spread folds under the neckline. The fabric has a creamy tone with delicate heart illustrations, and the blouse ends with a diagonal golden-olive strip. The fabric is see-through so I designed this blouse with a slightly creamy-toned lining.