November 26, 2012

Smart Casual Look By Schiller

When I want to create a casual comfortable look for autumn days, I match a buttoned blouse and blazer with a pair of flattering jeans. In the Israeli winter this is my regular uniform on workdays outside the shop, when I look for fabric suppliers, haberdasheries and sewing workshops. The possible combinations are endless! A green blouse with a brown blazer, a blue blouse with a mustard blazer, etc.

This time I present to you a “red-headed” blazer, called ‘Ginger’. A classic successful model continuing from last year’s winter, with minor improvements and new fabrics. The fabric is mixed cotton, in shades of brown and ginger. Underneath the blazer I am wearing a sand-toned viscose buttoned blouse. The collar is made of dark brown cotton with a gentle flower pattern and a matching removable lace. You can transform a casual look to a more formal one with a tailored skirt or tailored trousers. Change your shoes and match a different purse – and you have an entirely different look.

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