December 12, 2012

Bordo Dress & Cement Raincoat

In the Israeli winter you need stylish items that don't require wearing many layers. A tailored blouse or a light sweater with a blazer or a long sleeved dress and pantyhose can be the perfect solution for the air conditioned spaces we usually hang out in. With the right coat protecting you when you are outside, you can stay fashionable and prepared for any weather
I designed a tailored dress with a coat shape. The dress is made of thick cotton fabric and has a buttoning from top to bottom, external pockets and a matching belt. I recommend wearing it with pantyhose and ballet flats or high heel shoes with laces. The dress also comes in: steel gray, navy blue, and orange-red.
On top of the dress I'm wearing an A-shaped raincoat with a sixty's look, with red buttons and a printed satin lining. The fabric is imported from Japan, and it's made of nylon and cotton. The raincoat has a removable cap with a patent zipper, fast and easy to remove (also sold in red)

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