December 26, 2013

Mix Mustard Blouse & Nit Grey Pants

If you have been following my blog, you've probably already noticed that each season I design a Mustard shaded item. I love this color and many of my clients do too. It’s a special color that matches many others, goes well with Camel, Blue, Grey, Brown, and Cream, and upgrades every look.
The blouse is made of cotton fabric together with a Camel-shaded velvet-like fabric. The buttons are also wrapped with the same Camel fabric. Here I matched the blouse to a grey pair of pants, a new model presented in my last post.

The photos were taken at my house in Tel Aviv (“A personal story with a touch of Too Much Information,” as Shelly Gross says in her wonderful blog). You are all welcome to sneak a peak.

November 7, 2013

Checkered Blouse & Nit Blue Pants

Checked blouses take me back to my youth, and bring up a scent from the 1980s. For me that decade was special, though not fashionable in the least. I don't like to be reminded of how I dressed back then, all those strange choices that seemed perfectly legitimate at the time. But I will always have a corner in my heart for my checked blouse. My father also wears checked button-up shirts (even flannel ones), and this overlap seemed normal in my eyes.
If you're looking for a comfortable, special tailored blouse, with effortless everyday chic, this blouse is perfect for you. It goes well with skirts or narrow cotton pants, and of course would be brilliant with classic blue jeans.

I designed a buttoned blouse made of a fine checked fabric, soft and gentle. The Chinese colar, the buttoning and the cuffs are made of a camel velvet-like fabric. The buttons are also wrapped with this fabric.

I also designed long, multi-season cotton pants with a narrow and high cut. The zipper is diagonal and has two fastening hooks instead of a button. The pants have hidden pockets on the side and in the back there are two pockets with matching hooks. The bottom part of the pants ends with a small slit for a young, light look.

The blouse is also available in: checked green, plain mustard, plain green and floral silk. Click here.
The pants are also available in: dark navy blue, medium blue, light camel and mouse gray.

July 3, 2013

Blue Mosquito T-Shirt

My blog is celebrating 3 years! In these past three years I have been giving you all a glimpse to my line of thought behind the process of designing items. My style has changed since I have presented my first design. However, the change was not a conscious one; my design process is completely intuitive, straight from the gut, and so the development is natural and free-flowing. My business has developed thanks to you, my dear customers, and it is really important for me to get to know you.

In this post I present the Mosquito T-shirt in a new color, blue and cream. The T-shirt has a V neck opening and is made of cream cotton voile. The blue fabric is made of cotton knit. The deep blue A shaped skirt is made of satin cotton, and has two front pockets and a hidden zipper in the back.
The T-shirt is also available in cream and red. The skirt is also available in red, mandarinorange, and light grey.
This design seals the summer collection and is the opening shot for the end of the season sale in my shop. You are more than welcome to visit me!

June 18, 2013

Graphic Mosquito Blouse & Mandarin A Skirt

The photographs for this post were taken in Beit Ha’ir Museum, one of the most remarkable and intriguing museums in Tel Aviv. The historical building is right by my house, and only a five minute walk from my boutique. Recently, in a quick visit to the museum, I discovered a very special exhibition titled Night Stamp – Shirazi at Beit Ha’ir, sealing a year of fashion at Beit Ha’ir.
An extraordinary exhibition revolving around the icon and the man who formed the nightlife of Tel Aviv, Shimon Shirazi. Through films, displays, fashion garments and a unique visual language – the exhibition will reveal Shirazi's intense activity for over two decades.” (Beit Ha’ir website)

In this post I present the ‘Graphic’ model, a sleeveless blouse made of cotton fabric with a ribbon binding along the collar and the buttoning. The fabric’s background shade is cream, and it has a graphic print of small green mosquitoes.
The ‘A skirt’ is made of mandarin shaded cotton fabric, and has two front pockets and a hidden zipper in the back.
The blouse is also available in other graphic patterns (attached to the sketch above) and in plain cream shaded silk.
The skirt is also available in red, light grey and dark blue.

May 23, 2013

Mosquito T-Shirt

It took me a long time to design the first T-shirt for my brand. Casual items require precision: the design should be very comfortable and simple; the fabric soft and of excellent quality; and the colors interesting but not trendy. My inspiration for designing the ‘Mosquito’ T-shirt was the world of tennis. Instead of a sport’s company logo, I added an embroidered mosquito. I fell in love with the shape and the idea of a bug on a T-shirt.
The T-shirt is made of cream cotton percale combined with thin red cotton knit. The T-shirt has a V neck opening, matching sleeve and waist ribbing, and a black embroidered mosquito. The T-shirt is also available in beige and navy blue (the fabric colors are shown in the sketch above).

May 13, 2013

Light Blue Safari Dress

Summer is nearing, and on hot days you want to look good, but also light and comfortable. When I design a tailored dress suitable both for work and warm afternoons, the most crucial element is the fabric. I was looking for a thin high-quality cotton fabric, that wasn’t see-through. Although cotton fabric tends to wrinkle more than synthetic fabrics, when the temperature rises its comfort and feel on the body are worth it.
I found the right fabric in the immortal summer shade – light blue; a retro-color, that fits all skin tones. In the previous post I presented the same dress made of red satin-cotton fabric, but the different fabric gives the dress a twist and a completely fresh look. I recommend matching the dress with white or yellow sandals and minimal jewelry, for a cool summer look.

May 1, 2013

Red Safari Dress

A red dress!
Color makes all the difference. I rest my case.
For an evening out or at the office... don't be ordinary.
(The dress also comes in orange, sky blue and navy blue)

April 22, 2013

Safari Blouse

Every design starts with an inspiration, a starting point on which the design is based. Once I have a well-formed idea in my head, the design takes on a number of aspects: shape (the silhouette), fabric color and type (the right match between the type of fabric and the design is crucial), and the elements complementing the design (belt, buttons). All of these components need to be harmoniously combined, so that the final item will be both beautiful and flattering. I give every design the time it needs, and in the end I have a new collection of items, all aimed to be a high quality addition to your wardrobe.
The blouse presented in this post was created with a Safari inspiration. The silhouette is a little distant from the body; it has a blazer-like collar and short sleeves with a wide cuff. In the waist I have designed wide long loops creating a track, into which a thin leather belt is threaded, tying up in the front. The blouse has hidden pockets, and is very flattering with a pair of pants.
The blouse comes in three fabrics (the third one is attached to the sketch): plaid mustard, light blue and white diamond shapes, and navy blue with white polka dots.