September 2, 2014

Sleeveless Silk Blouse & Pockets Midi Skirt

Escapism. After four years of taking photographs for the blog only in my home town, Tel Aviv, I decided to take advantage of the extreme situation and take the photos in a more peaceful atmosphere in moshav Batzra, where my photographer, Alon Segal, has recently moved in. Batzra is a lovely place, a 25 minute drive from the city. After a short fact-finding I discovered that the moshav was established in 1946 by a group of Israeli soldiers, who trained in the British army combat engineering corps, and served near Basra in Iraq, giving the place its name. Every corner of our country has an intriguing history.

In the photos I’m wearing two sets of silk blouses and a midi bell skirt. The blouse is sleeveless, and has a Chinese collar and a diagonal strip along the buttoning and on the shoulders. The skirt is made of an extra soft and fluid peach skin fabric, with a belt in the waist. It is knee-high and has two hidden pockets. In the first set I matched a mustard blouse with cream colored dots with a blue skirt with a smoke print. In the second set I am wearing a cream blouse with tiny mustard stars and a skirt of the same fabric, in a mouse grey tone.

The blouse is also available in plain purple silk and flowery grey (the same fabrics as the Drop Neckline Dress), and the skirt is available in black, light grey and petrol blue.

June 26, 2014

Green Flora Blouse

A new blouse from the Summer 2014 collection that has just arrived at the boutique! This is a snap-button blouse, similar to the white blouse presented a few posts ago.

It is made of a fine thin cotton fabric, with a fresh green heart-shaped leaves print. The design is comfortable and flattering, so why not enjoy it in a variety of fabrics?

You're all invited!

May 30, 2014

Drop Neckline Purple Dress

Many designers use silk when designing wedding dresses, and for a good reason. Silk is a light fabric, with a glittery soft look. It’s also fluffy and airy. Its softness allows the clothes to fall beautifully on the body.
Manufacturing silk is a complicated and expensive process, but the fiber is strong and of excellent quality and can last many years.
I personally love the touch of silk and the way it falls on the body. And although there are many high-quality synthetic fabrics, I believe silk is irreplaceable, especially when it comes to evening dresses.

Today I present to you the Drop Neckline Dress that I presented two posts ago, this time in purple silk. The dress touches the body loosely, and has a gentle A-shaped widening in the bottom.
It has a drop shaped neckline with a matching purple band and bat-style sleeves.
I wore the dress with a mouse grey purse and matching shoes. I just love this color combination.

May 19, 2014

White Blouse with a Tree

Designing this blouse, I had two sources of inspiration: Scandinavian interior design and the excellent series House of Cards.
I'm subscribed to the blog My Scandinavian Home, and every day I get a post presenting a new home designed both with simplicity and sophistication. The space is usually very bright, integrating simple black items, mostly made of wood and other natural materials. The design is modern and minimalistic.

The cold, restrained political drama House of Cards was also part of my inspiration. The opening scene shows the streets of Washington DC, with their bare trees; and Claire Underwood's sharp, clean, sophisticated look is unforgettably fierce. The monochromatic clothes she wears elegantly embrace her like a second skin.

I designed a white blouse with a print of a bare tree. This was my first experience with screen printing, and hopefully there will be more to come.
The blouse is made of high-quality percale cotton, it has a Chinese collar and black hollow snap buttons.
The blouse is also available in: smoked blue and light lilac.

My inspiration sheet

May 5, 2014

Drop Neckline Silk Dress

'Evening dresses' have always been problematic for me; I don't really separate between day- and evening- wear. I wear a high quality buttoned blouse with a pair of jeans in the morning, and the same blouse can look fantastic in the evening with a skirt and the right accessories.
Almost every dress I've designed can work great in the evening with the right shoes and purse. But this time I decided to design a dress made of unique high quality silk fabrics that could make a perfect evening dress for a night out or for a special occasion.

The Drop Neckline Dress, made of grey toned silk with a delicate flower print, falls loosely, almost straight down, on the body with a gentle curve around the waist and a gentle A-shaped widening in the bottom. It has a bat-style sleeve and a drop shaped neckline, closed by a unique button. A narrow black satin band highlights both the neckline and the sleeves.
When I wore it for the photos I felt light and calm. When I go out, I don't want to fuss over my clothes all the time.

The dress also comes in: plain purple, cream with tiny stars, and plain navy blue.
You're more than welcome to visit my boutique!

December 26, 2013

Mix Mustard Blouse & Nit Grey Pants

If you have been following my blog, you've probably already noticed that each season I design a Mustard shaded item. I love this color and many of my clients do too. It’s a special color that matches many others, goes well with Camel, Blue, Grey, Brown, and Cream, and upgrades every look.
The blouse is made of cotton fabric together with a Camel-shaded velvet-like fabric. The buttons are also wrapped with the same Camel fabric. Here I matched the blouse to a grey pair of pants, a new model presented in my last post.

The photos were taken at my house in Tel Aviv (“A personal story with a touch of Too Much Information,” as Shelly Gross says in her wonderful blog). You are all welcome to sneak a peak.

November 7, 2013

Checkered Blouse & Nit Blue Pants

Checked blouses take me back to my youth, and bring up a scent from the 1980s. For me that decade was special, though not fashionable in the least. I don't like to be reminded of how I dressed back then, all those strange choices that seemed perfectly legitimate at the time. But I will always have a corner in my heart for my checked blouse. My father also wears checked button-up shirts (even flannel ones), and this overlap seemed normal in my eyes.
If you're looking for a comfortable, special tailored blouse, with effortless everyday chic, this blouse is perfect for you. It goes well with skirts or narrow cotton pants, and of course would be brilliant with classic blue jeans.

I designed a buttoned blouse made of a fine checked fabric, soft and gentle. The Chinese colar, the buttoning and the cuffs are made of a camel velvet-like fabric. The buttons are also wrapped with this fabric.

I also designed long, multi-season cotton pants with a narrow and high cut. The zipper is diagonal and has two fastening hooks instead of a button. The pants have hidden pockets on the side and in the back there are two pockets with matching hooks. The bottom part of the pants ends with a small slit for a young, light look.

The blouse is also available in: checked green, plain mustard, plain green and floral silk. Click here.
The pants are also available in: dark navy blue, medium blue, light camel and mouse gray.

July 3, 2013

Blue Mosquito T-Shirt

My blog is celebrating 3 years! In these past three years I have been giving you all a glimpse to my line of thought behind the process of designing items. My style has changed since I have presented my first design. However, the change was not a conscious one; my design process is completely intuitive, straight from the gut, and so the development is natural and free-flowing. My business has developed thanks to you, my dear customers, and it is really important for me to get to know you.

In this post I present the Mosquito T-shirt in a new color, blue and cream. The T-shirt has a V neck opening and is made of cream cotton voile. The blue fabric is made of cotton knit. The deep blue A shaped skirt is made of satin cotton, and has two front pockets and a hidden zipper in the back.
The T-shirt is also available in cream and red. The skirt is also available in red, mandarinorange, and light grey.
This design seals the summer collection and is the opening shot for the end of the season sale in my shop. You are more than welcome to visit me!