May 30, 2014

Drop Neckline Purple Dress

Many designers use silk when designing wedding dresses, and for a good reason. Silk is a light fabric, with a glittery soft look. It’s also fluffy and airy. Its softness allows the clothes to fall beautifully on the body.
Manufacturing silk is a complicated and expensive process, but the fiber is strong and of excellent quality and can last many years.
I personally love the touch of silk and the way it falls on the body. And although there are many high-quality synthetic fabrics, I believe silk is irreplaceable, especially when it comes to evening dresses.

Today I present to you the Drop Neckline Dress that I presented two posts ago, this time in purple silk. The dress touches the body loosely, and has a gentle A-shaped widening in the bottom.
It has a drop shaped neckline with a matching purple band and bat-style sleeves.
I wore the dress with a mouse grey purse and matching shoes. I just love this color combination.

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