May 19, 2014

White Blouse with a Tree

Designing this blouse, I had two sources of inspiration: Scandinavian interior design and the excellent series House of Cards.
I'm subscribed to the blog My Scandinavian Home, and every day I get a post presenting a new home designed both with simplicity and sophistication. The space is usually very bright, integrating simple black items, mostly made of wood and other natural materials. The design is modern and minimalistic.

The cold, restrained political drama House of Cards was also part of my inspiration. The opening scene shows the streets of Washington DC, with their bare trees; and Claire Underwood's sharp, clean, sophisticated look is unforgettably fierce. The monochromatic clothes she wears elegantly embrace her like a second skin.

I designed a white blouse with a print of a bare tree. This was my first experience with screen printing, and hopefully there will be more to come.
The blouse is made of high-quality percale cotton, it has a Chinese collar and black hollow snap buttons.
The blouse is also available in: smoked blue and light lilac.

My inspiration sheet

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