December 26, 2013

Mix Mustard Blouse & Nit Grey Pants

If you have been following my blog, you've probably already noticed that each season I design a Mustard shaded item. I love this color and many of my clients do too. It’s a special color that matches many others, goes well with Camel, Blue, Grey, Brown, and Cream, and upgrades every look.
The blouse is made of cotton fabric together with a Camel-shaded velvet-like fabric. The buttons are also wrapped with the same Camel fabric. Here I matched the blouse to a grey pair of pants, a new model presented in my last post.

The photos were taken at my house in Tel Aviv (“A personal story with a touch of Too Much Information,” as Shelly Gross says in her wonderful blog). You are all welcome to sneak a peak.

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