November 7, 2013

Checkered Blouse & Nit Blue Pants

Checked blouses take me back to my youth, and bring up a scent from the 1980s. For me that decade was special, though not fashionable in the least. I don't like to be reminded of how I dressed back then, all those strange choices that seemed perfectly legitimate at the time. But I will always have a corner in my heart for my checked blouse. My father also wears checked button-up shirts (even flannel ones), and this overlap seemed normal in my eyes.
If you're looking for a comfortable, special tailored blouse, with effortless everyday chic, this blouse is perfect for you. It goes well with skirts or narrow cotton pants, and of course would be brilliant with classic blue jeans.

I designed a buttoned blouse made of a fine checked fabric, soft and gentle. The Chinese colar, the buttoning and the cuffs are made of a camel velvet-like fabric. The buttons are also wrapped with this fabric.

I also designed long, multi-season cotton pants with a narrow and high cut. The zipper is diagonal and has two fastening hooks instead of a button. The pants have hidden pockets on the side and in the back there are two pockets with matching hooks. The bottom part of the pants ends with a small slit for a young, light look.

The blouse is also available in: checked green, plain mustard, plain green and floral silk. Click here.
The pants are also available in: dark navy blue, medium blue, light camel and mouse gray.

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