April 22, 2013

Safari Blouse

Every design starts with an inspiration, a starting point on which the design is based. Once I have a well-formed idea in my head, the design takes on a number of aspects: shape (the silhouette), fabric color and type (the right match between the type of fabric and the design is crucial), and the elements complementing the design (belt, buttons). All of these components need to be harmoniously combined, so that the final item will be both beautiful and flattering. I give every design the time it needs, and in the end I have a new collection of items, all aimed to be a high quality addition to your wardrobe.
The blouse presented in this post was created with a Safari inspiration. The silhouette is a little distant from the body; it has a blazer-like collar and short sleeves with a wide cuff. In the waist I have designed wide long loops creating a track, into which a thin leather belt is threaded, tying up in the front. The blouse has hidden pockets, and is very flattering with a pair of pants.
The blouse comes in three fabrics (the third one is attached to the sketch): plaid mustard, light blue and white diamond shapes, and navy blue with white polka dots.

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