August 2, 2012

Cube Dress

This post is in celebration of my blog’s second birthday! I have put a lot of emotional and creative work into the blog, and the satisfaction is great. It all started from designing items and wishing to present them to the broad public in a refreshing way using an online platform. A photographic production of seasonal collections with a model does not fit my work style. The blog is a wonderful form of expression for me and a convenient way for you to get to know my style and its background. In the past six months, since I opened my boutique shop, I feel I’ve gotten to know you all better. You’ve surprised me with excellent combinations of items and a mature sense of style.

In this post I present the ‘Cube’ dress. The design is identical to the ‘Leaves’ dress model I presented in the previous post. The dress is made of printed Crepe satin, and has a black satin fabric V-neck. The dress can be worn loose or with a thin leather tie-on belt I designed with Maya Shalev.

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