September 2, 2010

Blue Fold Skirt & Spotted Blouse

Manufacturing clothes is a long complex process, and skilled professionals are not always easy to find. My dependency on professionals and suppliers sometimes dictates my work pace and makes the process difficult. My work team allows me to realize my design aspirations and provide you, my clients, with a meticulously made product that I can present and be proud of. The manufacturing process is completely homey, and I don’t apply any fast and cheap working formulas.
The right fabric, the perfect shape, measures and proportions, the quality sewing and the attention to each and every small detail, comprise the clothes I design, and I cannot compromise any one of them.

I have completed the manufacturing of summer models and in this post I present to you the first swallow for this coming fall. This skirt, called ‘Fold’, begins just a tad under the waist and extends down to the knees. The skirt’s shape is classical with three front folds in equal intervals that give it its perfect chic. The fabric is made of creased silk, and has a rich texture.

The blouse is called ‘Spotted Blouse', and is made of a soft and gentle cotton fabric, with a retro print. When I first unfurled the fabric, I noticed a slightly different pattern near the edges. I decided to use this element in different parts of the blouse for emphasis. I designed the blouse so that the collar, the buttoning and the sleeve cuffs will have this special pattern. I planned a partial buttoning in the blouse, reaching down just under the chest. I placed three buttons, left a small gap, and then placed three more buttons. The blouse has a Chinese collar, and if you leave the three top buttons open, an interesting V neckline is created. The sleeve cuffs also have three buttons, one for buttoning the sleeve and two extra buttons for ornamentation.  

Model Blouse: Spotted 
Skirt Model: Blue Fold


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