September 10, 2010

Ocher Blouse & Grey Fold Skirt

As a fashion designer, I usually start with an idea and the design and afterward choose the type of fabric. But sometimes the process is inverted – a fascinating fabric provides me with inspiration for an item. If I decide on a certain shape of skirt, I make it in a certain color and then match it with a blouse with a contrasting or complementary color. The skirt in this post is mouse grey, and I matched it with an ocher blouse. Ocher is a dark golden yellow, and it is one of the earliest pigments used by man.

I love this color combination, bringing together the immortality and coolness of the mouse grey with the trendiness and warmth of the ocher. After preparing the clothes I looked for a location for the photography, one that will stress the colorfulness of the outfit. Finally I decided to shoot the outfit in my living room, which I also use as a studio for selling the clothes I design. The outfit’s colors perfectly match the colors of the floor, the wall and the rest of the elements in my house. The photos were taken without any special lighting, the colorfulness of the outfit and the background did all the work.

 Model Blouse: Ocher
Model Skirt: Grey Fold

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