October 10, 2011

Flamingo Blouse & Blue X Slim Pants

The magic of a buttoned blouse is in its nonchalant elegance and comfort. It makes me feel effortlessly well-dressed. There are some elements that make a blouse a wonderful one, one that you will enjoy for a long time – the type of fabric, the pattern and the shape. I designed a buttoned blouse made of soft and silky crepe fabric with a blue flamingo pattern. The collar is lapel-less, and I added a blue diagonal strip along the buttoning to create an open and upright effect to the collar. The strip gives the buttoning some weight, and when the top button is open the collar stays upright and gives the blouse a feminine look. The buttoning enjoys a gentle accent.

These pants were first presented in the last post, and this time I present them in navy blue. The pants have a high-waist and a skinny shape, and they are made of cupro. The combination of a white blouse with an interesting pattern and flattering pants creates a casual everyday look with a touch of elegance.

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