November 2, 2011

SnowWhite Blouse & Mustard Tulip Skirt

I like to make the most of my cloths. A clean-lined shape, quality fabrics and maximum comfort allow me to enjoy an item for a long time. When I design a model with all these traits I like to make it in various fabrics and colors. The blouse presented in the photos was previously presented in a black and white stars pattern, and here it is made of dark blue chiffon with white dots scattered unevenly. The blouse has a V shaped collar and both the front and back have smooth washed chiffon lining for softness and opacity. The sleeves are see-through, and are slightly puffy with a thin rubber strip at the end.

The ‘Tulip’ skirt which I have already presented in various colors is made here in a shade of mustard. This is a very contemporary shade and I like it since it mixes well with many combinations. The skirt is made of mixed silk; the shape is straight with a high waist and a wraparound design in the front. The skirt is knee-high, and has a hidden zipper and a small cleft.

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