May 19, 2011

Cream Graphic Blouse & Steel Fold Skirt

My connection with fashion design only started a couple of years ago. I had worked as a graphic designer and was always busy with aesthetics, art, color and form. My connection with the world of design was therefore natural and intuitive. During the years, I received positive feedback as for my taste in clothes, but it didn’t cross my mind to make the hobby a profession. I never dressed Barbie dolls and couldn’t sew to save my life; I only bought clothes and accessories like any other woman. What started the change was a shoe design course I took just for the fun of it. It was my first peep into the world of fashion from a professional aspect. During the course I met a talented designer and a born aesthetician, Meital Bailey. Our relationship first exposed me to the world of designing clothes.
One day I visited Meital at a designers’ market where she presented her designs. The market was crowded and laden, but that visit eventually changed my life. I left the market knowing this would be my new profession. I enrolled for external studies in Shenkar and started the long and fascinating journey as a clothes designer.
I developed my own agenda for an Israeli meticulous, comfortable, chic look of high-quality. Women should not be afraid to dress well; it always gives you a good, empowering feeling.

This post presents the ‘Fold’ skirt I have already presented in various fabrics, this time in a steel-toned soft liquid silk fabric. The skirt has a flattering shape and is comfortable to wear to work and for an evening out. The cream-colored ‘Graphic’ blouse has graphic elements in smoky shades of camel, green, and avion.

Model Blouse: Cream Graphic
Model Skirt: Steel Fold

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