March 30, 2012

Mustard Maxi Skirt & Brown Papillon Blouse

When I started designing new summer items I wanted to create a long feminine contrastive look; on the one hand - neat and graphic, and on the other - flexible and flowing. As always, I started with basic form and color sketches, like the good-old graphic designer I once was. I started with designing the skirt and drew sketches of various shapes – a very wide cloche, a tight one that touches the body, and different folds and cuts. I wanted the skirt to be morphologically minimal. I chose a certain width and created a central fold that gives flow and richness to the skirt’s front. After choosing the shape I started looking for the right fabric. I was looking for a silk fabric in a mustard shade that I loved, and when I found the exact tone with evenly-spread cream-colored dots I was very pleased.

Faithful to my initial idea of bringing contrasts together, I designed a blouse made of soft and flowing chiffon fabric in a buttoned tailored shape. I created a graphic papillon shape in the collar using a different fabric, and with that same fabric I created the diagonal strips defining the sleeves. The brown chiffon fabric with cream-colored dots scattered unevenly wonderfully matched the look I wanted to achieve.

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