November 20, 2010

Blue Blossom Blouse & Blue Boucle

After four months during which my studio has been alive and kicking, and together with this blog spreading its wings abroad, I decided to indulge you with a new and exciting shopping experience. I opened a store in the biggest mall in the world, an online store. My store is open 24 hours a day; you can sit at home with your cup of coffee, without any pressure or heavy crowds, look at the clothes from various angles and in close-up shots to see the fine details, and make your decision. I call it Slow Shopping. This shopping method gives you a chance to make a well-thought-of purchase, rather than a fast impulsive one; You can enter the store simply by pressing one button – Shop Schiller Online on your right. You are very welcomed.

In the virtual store you will find all specifics about design sizes and matching body measures, as well as an inventory check. You can pay with PayPal without opening an account, simply, safely and quickly, using your credit card. On the occasion of the online store opening, I have a special offer for you – shipping your order anywhere in the world for only 7US$; you can also exchange sizes after purchasing or return an item and get your money back. Precise guidelines for shopping in the virtual store are found in the site, and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Today I present you with another version of the 'Boucle' skirt, shown in previous posts in black and purple. This time the skirt is deep blue, the fabric is boucle wool, the shape is straight and classic, with two front pockets and a slit in the back. The 'Blossom' blouse is made of fine delicate cotton with small blue and grey flowers and a different flower pattern in the sleeve cuffs and the Chinese collar. The blue color gives this look its lightness and airiness. Like most of the clothes I design, this combination is suitable for a day at work and for an evening out, for a light unbinding pastime. In order to give this set a touch of color I matched this outfit with opaque ocher pantyhose.

Model Blouse: Blossom
Model Skirt: Boucle

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