October 20, 2010

Sherlock Skirt & Purple Ludwig

I find myself in a perpetual search for textures, geometric shapes and combination's of color. The world of fabric is so diverse and the options are never-ending, so the hardest part is identifying the right thing for me within this wide variety. Checkered or plaid fabrics – The ‘tartan’ – come in a great number of colors and checker sizes. Tartans have been used for thousands of years and are mainly associated with Scotland and the Scottish culture. I was looking for a small-checkered fabric with an interesting combination of colors. I found a thin woolen high-quality fabric, imported from the UK, with small fine checkers combining shades of olive, smoky antique pink and cream. The combination sounds peculiar, but the final look is both fine and unique. I designed my own version of a kilt and named the design 'Sherlock'. I put the fabric motif into use, but ignored other motifs such as folds of fabric and the typical buttoning of the authentic kilt.

The main difficulty of working with checkered fabrics is cutting and sewing the fabric. I wanted a perfect seam between the two front parts of the cut, and a nice connection between the front and the back. I designed the pockets to be obliquely sewed to the skirt. Such accuracy can only be obtained with the hands of an excellent seamstress, cutting single items. This observance cannot be achieved in mass production.

I matched this skirt with a soft and gentle purple Crepe de Chine blouse, using the ‘Ludwig’ blouse design shown in previous posts. I just love purple in the winter, such a warm elegant color. The blouse is suitable for any time of day, creating a graceful look at work, impressive and elegant after-hours.

Model Blouse: Purple Ludwig
Model Skirt: Sherlock


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