January 6, 2011

Glam Dress

A year ago I started designing and creating women’s clothing. The first item I designed was posted in this blog last July. During this period I have discovered many things about myself as a designer. My inspiration comes from many varied sources, as I’ve mentioned a number of times in previous posts. But there is one main feature - a very influential period in my adult life - that affects my thought and designs every day, my being a graphic designer in the past. The search for shapes, the connection between colors, and the desire for clean lines and perfectionism in the final product, guide me at all times. My experience as a woman and the testing of the cloths in daily life, help me find the right solution for the urban career woman and mother who wants to dress comfortably with style.
I designed this ‘Glam’ dress in a coat-dress style, combining two warm colors – deep red and ocher orange. The colors divide the dress graphically – the shoulders, the upper part of the back, the sleeve cuffs and the ornamented buttoning are orange, and all the rest is red. I wanted the bottom part of the dress to have a clean cut so I designed the dress with partial buttoning. I didn’t sew loops on the waist for the linen belt since each woman has her own waist line and I didn’t want the dress to be limiting. For diversity, you can also put on a thicker belt, or belts of various materials. In the photos I am wearing body-color pantyhose and mouse grey shoes to maintain a light look.

Model Dress: Glam
This garment can be created by
a personal order
The special production takes about 10 days


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Anonymous said...

Strong sexy color. Very impressive design.
Does it come in one color or other color combination?