February 2, 2011

Midnight Glam Dress

A key dominant source of inspiration for my work as a designer is the city I live in, Tel Aviv. The human variety, the eclectic architecture, the junction between old and new and the city’s unique atmosphere, all influence my way of thinking and the choices I make. After designing a model, I look for an interesting place in town for the photographs to be taken at; a place that will comprise the right setting for the outfit, when the idea is to create a conceptual or chromatic link between the model and the background.

For this post I chose to be photographed in a new charming boutique hotel in the center of Tel Aviv, Brown TLV. The inspiration for this hotel’s design is the glamorous days of the 70’s. As opposed to the minimalistic trend commonly found in hotels today, this hotel was designed like a homey living room, rich in details, featuring warm dark tones and vintage furniture. The unique design, the colorfulness and the warm urban atmosphere are the perfect background for the new dress I designed.

The dress is made of mixed silk, soft and feminine, with a deep and rich blue hue. The shape is the same as the red dress I presented in the previous post. This time I decided not to emphasize the shoulders, but kept the original design and cut. I found white oval mushroom buttons and painted them blue. The button shape and the glitter created after dyeing them enrich the dress.
I designed two belts to go with this dress – a fabric belt in a matching color and a camel leather belt with a buckle with no holes that I am wearing in the pictures.

In the next post – a first sign of spring.

Special Thanks to Brown TLV hotel

Model Dress: Midnight Glam
Include a fabric belt in a matching color and a camel leather belt.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Breathtaking!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is just amazing!