March 16, 2011

Graphic Blouse & Tulip Skirt

The photos for this post were taken at the “Kikar Levana” (White square) sculpture in 'Volfson' park, a site which brings together many aspects of my work – the world of art and design that is my constant inspiration, and Tel Aviv, where I live, design, create and get my pictures taken. The artist Dani Karavan designed the project, paying homage to the builders of Tel Aviv. An outdoor sculpture made of white concrete, and designed to blend with the park’s flora. The structures include, among others, a pyramid mimicking the tents in which the city’s builders lived, a submerged amphitheater reminiscent of the watering pools for the orchards spread around the city, and a quadric structure communicating with the straight lines of international design style. The whiteness of the structures corresponds to “The White City”.

The choice of fabrics and the tailored, accurate shapes I design, are very typical to my work, and directly correspond to the city of Tel Aviv and the art in its streets.
The blouse ‘Graphic’ is sleeveless and made of 100% cotton fabric. The fabric’s background color is light blue, and graphic elements are printed on the fabric in green, camel, blue and grey. The collar has an open V shape, and the buttons are green. I added a small fabric dart with a decorative button next to the buttoning.
The blouse is also sold in shades of brown.
The skirt ‘Tulip’ is deep blue with a straight shape, and has a high waist; the front of the skirt is designed as a wraparound. The fabric is mixed silk, gentle and suitable for summery weather. The skirt is knee-high and has a hidden zipper in the back and a small cleft.

Model Blouse: Graphic
Model Skirt: Blue Tulip


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - hope you grabbed the bag on time ;)

Anonymous said...

well done, amazing work!