March 31, 2011

Graphic Lines Blouse & Grey Tulip Skirt

The international style, a functional artistic school of architecture and design, influence much of my work as a designer. The style was born in the late 1920s and lasted until the 1970s. At times it is referred to as the “Bauhaus style”. Bauhaus is the name of a school of design and architecture which was active in Germany in the interwar period. In this school famous architects, who developed the international style, were students and later on teachers.
The school valued the dissociation from flamboyant design and emphasized human beings and their elemental needs. The style is clean and simple, and uses many straight lines and other elements that make its products easy and simple to manufacture and use. The Bauhaus is an important milestone in the history of modernity.

I designed a clean, functional and elegant look. The silk blouse has a light cream shade with a dark grey diagonal stripe print. The collar is tailored, and has a V-shape opening and dark grey buttons. The knee-high skirt has a straight shape and a high waist with clean round lines. The wraparound shape closes with a seamless glued hem, customary for elegant dresses. The fabric, mixed silk, is a smokey dark grey. In the back of the skirt, a hidden zipper and a cleft for walking comfortably.
The combination between the blouse and the skirt creates an elegant yet light look, fitting for the workday as well as after hours.

Model Blouse: Graphic Lines
Model Skirt: Grey Tulip


Anonymous said...

Amazing summer look. Breezy and light, I love it!

Miri said...

Tres chic. You always think about the smallest details so the final product looks amazing.